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Blood Products

We can provide a range of clinical / biological samples with needed characterization, special material including POSITIVE HUMAN BLOOD, PLASMA and SERUM, as well as animal material and BIOPSY SAMPLES.

Our contacts enable us to source material in more than 50 countries worldwide and provide access to a network of clinical laboratories, transfusion centers, reference centers and pathology laboratories. We can also offer prospective collection of samples, based on the parameter required and particular specifications.

We also have access to large volumes of high grade Human Serum either pooled or individual, as well as negative plasma in EDTA or Citrate.

ZEPTOGEL and SCRUBBED NYLON FIBERS are used for the separation and isolation of human lymphocytes from whole blood samples. Lymphocytes prepared by these methods are viable cell suspensions for tissue culture, enzymatic, biochemical and immunologic studies employing small volumes of blood.

cfDNA Reference Standards are highly characterized, biologically relevant materials used to assess the performance of cfDNA assays that detect somatic mutations via PCR, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), or other novel readout methods.

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