Protein expression is the manner in which proteins are synthesized, modified and controlled in living cells and organisms.

We are pleased to offer an excellent range of lectin conjugates for the detection of specific glycoproteins & cancer biomarkers in histological applications. The GlycoMatrix™ range of lectins has many applications and these are invaluable tools in molecular and cellular biology for studying carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and cancer biomarkers.

In Microbiology and Virology these lectins can be used to identify certain microorganisms isolated from clinical specimens, including a range of pathogens. Many viruses contain glycosylated coat proteins such as HIV. Lectins can be used to detect & purify such viruses and can act to block them and stop them from infecting cells.

Antibodies are usually formed in response to an infection (against a microorganism), against other foreign proteins. (This could be in response, for example, to a mismatched blood transfusion), or to one’s own proteins (in cases of autoimmune disease). Identification of various blood groups or appearance of new biomarkers in body fluids can be detected using glycan-specific lectins.

Anti Cancer Therapy
Lectins can also be used in anti-cancer therapy as some can bind specifically to cancer cell membranes, causing cytotoxicity, apoptosis, autophagy, and inhibition of tumor growth.

Glyco-Signaling Pathways
The most important modification of membrane proteins, is glycosylation. This affects the structure of proteins and is important in protein to protein interactions such as those between protein ligands and their cognate receptor molecules.

Many secreted proteins are glycosylated, which impacts their activity when binding to their receptors. These changes affect recruiting, interaction, activity and cell signaling. Receptor signaling is regulated by glycosylation and plays an important role in determining the cellular responses to environmental and other signals, including cell to cell interactions.

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