GeneNav(TM) HPV Detection Kits
The first line of defense against cervical cancer.

With GeneNav(TM), go from sample collection to results in less than two hours for a smoother, smarter, and faster healthcare experience for your patients.

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Principle behind the GeneNav(TM) Assay
The GeneNav(TM) HPV qPCR Kits use probe-based qPCR technology to detect HPV with high specificity and sensitivity. Each sequence-specific probe contains a 5’ fluorophore and a 3’ quencher. On its own, the probe’s 3’ quencher effectively absorbs the emission from the nearby 5’ fluorophore so that no net fluorescence is detected. During PCR amplification, the probe binds to its specific target template. While replicating the DNA sample, the PCR Taq Polymerase’s 5’ to 3’ exonuclease activity also hydrolyzes the probe, releasing a free-floating 5’-fluorophore that is detectable by the qPCR machine and can be translated into an amplification plot.

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