XpressAffinity- Protein G

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Protein G beads provides a fast and convenient method for affinity based isolation of proteins using the magnetic method. Protein G is immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles (size range: 10-20nm) using our novel patented technology. The blocking step during preparation of the resin minimizes non-specific binding of other contaminating proteins present in the biological samples and also minimizes leaching of the immobilized protein from the matrix. The product is provided as 10 mg magnetic particles in 1 ml of phosphate buffer pH 8 containing 0.05% Tween-20 and 0.05% sodium azide. Recommended storage temperature is 4? C.

Protein G- MNP is generally used for the isolation of antibodies from serum, cell culture supernatant, ascites etc. and for immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation of antigens from cell or tissue extracts. It can also be used for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and RNA-IP as well. Protein G can bind to antibodies from many different species, including rat, mouse, human, rabbit, pig, dog and cat. Currently the product is recommended only for research applications and not for any therapeutic purpose. Magnetic bead based products are highly favoured by research labs over Sepharose for small scale applications such as IP, ChIP and RNA-IP but can also be up scaled for bulk applications.

+2° to +8° C.

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