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alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) Cell Based ELISA Kit

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Reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat, Product range:> 5000 Cells, Storage:Store at + 4?C. Stable for 6 months, Target:alpha Synuclein, Sample type:Adherent cells and suspension cells, Principle assay:This alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) Cell Based ELISA Kit allows for the detection of alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) and the effects that certain stimulation conditions have on alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) expression in different cell lines. Qualitative determination of alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) concentration is achieved by an indirect ELISA format. In essence, the alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) is captured by Anti-alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) Antibodies which in turn are detected by HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies. Through this binding, the HRP enzyme (conjugated to the secondary antibody) can catalyze a colorimetric reaction upon substrate addition. Due to the qualitative nature of this alpha Synuclein (phospho Ser129) Cell Based ELISA Kit, multiple normalization methods are described: 1) Anti-GAPDH Antibody is included to serve as an internal positive control in normalizing the target absorbance values. 2) Following the colorimetric measurement of HRP activity via substrate addition, the Crystal Violet whole-cell staining method is used to determine cell density. After staining, the results can be analyzed by normalizing the absorbance values to cell amounts, by which the plating difference can be adjusted. 3) Anti-alpha Synuclein Antibody is provided for normalization purposes. The absorbance values obtained for the non-phosphorylated target can be used to normalize the absorbance values for the phosphorylated target, Assay type:Cell-based (qualitative), Detection type:Colorimetric, Platform:Microplate, Assay time:4 hours 30 minutes

+25° C.


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