Maackia amurensis Lectin (MAA/ MAL I) – Pure

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Leukoagglutinating lectin (MAL I) is isolated from Amur seeds, Maackia amurensis, and is a glycoprotein composed of 287 amino acid residues. This lectin has a molecular weight of 130, 000 and is a dimer of two subunits. MAL I has an isoelectric point of pH 4.7 and a carbohydrate specificity for Gal4GlcNAc. This lectin elutes with the sugar lactose.MAL I has non-specific blood group specificity and therefore agglutinates all types of human erythrocytes. MAL I requires three intact sugar units for binding and does not interact when 1, 4-linkage is replaced with 1, 3-linkage, nor when the reducing sugar of trisaccharide is reduced. Repeating sequence of N-acetyllactosamine is not required but does enhance the binding of MAL I to a series of glycolipids. Either N-acetyl or N-glycosyl groups may be substituted without reduction in binding. See other MAL I conjugates.This product comes in a lyophilized form and is stored at -20° C. Reconstitute with sterile buffer. No metal ions are required for binding.

-20° C.

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