Malaria P. Falciparum Culture Panel Benin I(Type A)

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The Malaria P. falciparum Culture Panel is intended for use with in vitro tests for the determination of the presence or absence of P. falciparum based on the detection of the histidine rich protein 2 (HRP2) or assays for the quantification of HRP2. This panel is for Research Use Only and should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

The Malaria P. falciparum Culture Panel can be used to evaluate the analytical performance of HRP2 detecting assays. Each panel contains aliquots of a P. falciparum laboratory strain at seven predetermined HRP2 concentrations as well as negative aliquots. This panel can be used to evaluate the performance of assay or diagnostic test based on the detection or quantification of HRP2.

-20° C.
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