ViraQ HSV-2 Quant 10,000

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The ViraQ QUANT Controls for HBV-DNA, HCV-RNA and HIV-1 RNA are prepared from the primary VQC-Sanquin standards that have been characterized in international proficiency programs since the mid1990s. The viral standards are not inactivated and extensively calibrated in both copies/mL and IU/mL. Recently the ViraQ HIV-1 Quant 1000 Control has been evaluated in several viral load assays. This control of 1000 copies/mL can be used as an independent standard in consecutive viral load test runs and provides a threshold value indicative of lack of virological control in therapy monitoring. The herpes virus controls have not yet been calibrated against the WHO standards. This series of controls can be made available for performance evaluation studies only.

Range copies/ml : 10000 – Regulatory status : PEO – in development, available for performance evaluation studies only / -30° C.


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