Zika IgM/IgG Control Pack (IgM,IgG & Negative Controls)

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The Zika Antibody Control Pack is intended for use as quality controls with serological tests for the determination of IgG and IgM antibodies to Zika virus. The Zika antibody controls can also be used for validation of clinical assays, development of diagnostic tests, and training of laboratory personnel. These controls are for Research Use Only and should not be used in diagnostic procedures.

The Zika Antibody Control Pack consists of one vial each of IgG, IgM and negative antibody controls. The IgG and IgM controls contain anti-Zika NS1 mouse monoclonal antibody conjugated to purified human IgG or IgM, respectively. All controls are supplied in normal human plasma, 0.09% sodium azide and other stabilizing reagents. These controls are designed to mimic actual Zika positive and negative antibody plasma specimens.

+2° to +8° C.
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