We care your products are delivered
safely worldwide

We deliver to our customers worldwide from our logistics center in Geneva, Switzerland. We offer an unrivalled service. Our primary objective is to deliver your products, many of which are temperature sensitive, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. We apply a Quality Management System within our company which guarantee highest standards in terms of operational and controlling activities.

We are aware that what we ship to you is only as good as our packaging. All orders are packed in IATA approved thermal boxes. Choosing the right shipping method is also essential to ensure that products you need remain SAFE until the final delivery.

Even with the best planning, emergencies can happen and we understand your need to partner with a leading-edge and professional supply chain company to get the products you need, when you need them to achieve your patient care goals.


Our company policy is that all products are monitored from the moment they are shipped from the manufacture, while stored in our logistics center and then until they are delivered to the customer. All shipping conditions are checked in advance and we support our customers to ensure that they understand and apply the best conditions upon arrival at destination.


Once our incoming goods check procedure is completed and the product conditions are validated through our Quality Management System, goods are stored in our fridges and freezer which are monitored 24h. An alarm system notifies us of any excursion of temperature while energy supply is secured with a backup system. Our warehouse is located within the airport freight hall, a secured area with controlled access and very close to cargo airfreight operations, courier companies and customs authorities. This gives us the advantage for ensuring quick and efficient handling operations for incoming and outgoing shipments, so that transit time from our fridge / freezer to that of the airline or courier company is negligible.

HOW WE PACK: Packing also counts

Perishable +2° to +8° C. or Perishable -20° C.

Your products are our business so we add extra care through our unique packaging.

For both goods requiring to be kept frozen (-20° to -70° C.) or kept cool (+2° to +8° C.), we pack with the required quantity of refrigerant based on our experience and the technical requirements of each product, such as transportation method and lead time for the delivery. Conditions of shipment for each destination are carefully checked in advance and validated, taking into consideration the clearance process upon arrival and external temperature during transit.

Temperature monitor: data logger

We include temperature monitors in shipment upon request. The type of temperature monitors we supply (Tempmate S1 V2 for +2° to +8° C. and Tempmate C1 for -20° to -80° C.) are qualified for proven efficiency, ease of use and customable set up. These are included in Approved data loggers listed by cargo airlines and MOH in most countries.



Experience and professionalism

Our experienced team uses all transportation options available. We check restrictions from transport companies and national authorities and adapt our logistics operations accordingly, providing you with the fastest and most secure method of delivery.

Deliveries are monitored 24/24

Live delivery tracking of consignments to keep you informed. All deliveries are monitored 24/24 by our customer service team which allow us to verify every step of the way and ensure the safe delivery of your medical consignments.


HHC is committed to reducing our Ecological Footprint. We use electronic instead of printed documents unless necessary. We also follow Sustainable Packaging guidelines and regularly review our packaging materials. We encourage our partners to use more recycled materials and components.

Woolcool packaging: complete recycled solution for perishable shipments +2° to +8° C.

Woolcool packing ensures good insulating performance up to 120 hours, while using natural material like sheep wool and a recycled box. It is convenient as it uses:

More details on supplier’s website: https://www.woolcool.com/sustainable-packaging/



HHC is part of DHLGOGREEN program which aims for net-zero emissions by 2050. For all our incoming and outgoing shipments, we finance the offer of:

  • last-mile kilometers with e-vehicles
  • electricity from renewable sources
  • bicycles for zero-emission last-mile where possible (delivery in Germany for the moment)
  • Certified GoGreen Specialists

More details on supplier’s website: https://www.dhl.com/ch-en/home/about-us/sustainability.html


Extended data of destinations

With more than 30 years of experience in logistics of biotech products, the HHC Team has developed a comprehensive database of procedures, practices and local requirements specific and different for 130 countries on all continents. This allows us to find the most suitable solution for your destination.


Thanks to a special arrangement, we import biotech products into the European Union exempt from duties and taxes (VAT). The import process into the EU is immediate and enables us to deliver to anywhere in the EU within 24 hours.

If your company is located outside the EU or on another continent, this service ensures to deliver perishable products quickly and safely, without duties and taxes. Contact our customer service here for more details.


CASE STUDY: delivery perishable biotech products from Northern America (US and Canada) to end user within EU in 5 days without DUTIES AND VAT EXEMPT.

CASE STUDY: our logistics center as your European Hub.

CASE STUDY: our warehouse within Geneva airport worldwide connected.

CASE STUDY: consolidation of your orders with one grouped shipment to you.