MOLECULAR BIOLOGY concerns biological activity at the molecular level and how genes are transcribed into RNA and how RNA is then translated into protein. It also looks at the molecular mechanisms behind processes such as replication, transcription, translation and cell function.

We offer a wide range of ready to use forward and reverse PRIMERS. Primers are short sequences of complementary DNA which bind to certain nucleotide sequences along the DNA strand, tending to bind onto the single strands at higher temperatures than the complete complementary strand. This means that if the temperature is cooled from 95°C to around 50-60°C, the primers will bind to the single strands before the complementary complete strands do. Good primer design is essential for a successful PCR reaction.

Our range of MOLECULAR CONTROLS and STANDARDS includes the NATtrol™ products (Nucleic Acid Testing Control), which are the highest industry standard for molecular testing.
NATtrol™ products are prepared from purified microorganisms grown either in cell culture, microbial culture or isolated from the plasma of infected individuals. The treatment modifies the surface proteins and renders the organisms non-infectious and refrigerator stable, while keeping it intact.
NATtrol™ are available as full process controls to monitor extraction and amplification steps, and are also available in different formats, covering both single and multiple analytes. They are open system and can be used across different molecular testing platforms and assays.


EXTERNAL RUN CONTROLS are designed as full process extraction and amplification controls to validate your molecular testing on a daily basis. These controls are available for viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite detection at low and medium reactive concentrations. A number of NATtrols have been developed in collaboration with leading platform manufacturers.


We have a large range of MOLECULAR STANDARDS, QUANTITATED VIRAL LOAD CONTROLS which provide you with purified viruses at a known concentration. Our range also includes Viral RNA and DNA which can be used for your molecular research needs to ensure your PCR reproducibility. These products feature quantitated DNA from our highly purified bacteria and viruses.
Bacterial preparations are also available as Titered Organisms (live), and Purified DNA.

PURIFIED DNA are from a range of bacteria, fungi and recombinant strains for use as amplification controls in Nucleic Acid testing.

PURIFIED GENOMIC DNA is also available for amplification or detection control for the Nucleic Acid testing of Bacteriophage Lambda. MS2 BACTERIOPHAGE is also available at different target levels for use as an internal control in Nucleic Acid based amplification assays to monitor reverse transcription.

As an EXTERNAL CONTROL for EIA, latex agglutination and immunochromatographic assays, we can provide Cryptocoocus polysaccharide antigens. A MIXED BACTERIA PANEL is also available for testing the performance of lab staff.