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Anti-SOX10 Antibody [SOX10/991]

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Mouse monoclonal [SOX10/991] antibody to SOX10.

Applications:WB, IHC-P, Host:Mouse, Clonality:Monoclonal, Clone ID:SOX10/991, Isotype:IgG2b, Conjugate:Unconjugated, Reactivity:Human, Mouse, Immunogen:Recombinant fragment, around amino acids 115-269, of human SOX10 protein. The exact sequence is proprietary, Specificity:The specificity of this monoclonal antibody to its intended target was validated by HuProtTM Array, containing more than 19,000 full-length human proteins. Recognizes a protein of ~55kDa, identified as SOX10. This MAb is highly specific and does not cross-react with other members of the SOX-family. SOX genes comprise a family of genes that are related to the mammalian sex-determining gene SRY. These genes similarly contain sequences that encode for the HMG-box domain, which is responsible for the sequence-specific DNA-binding activity. SOX-10 is a sensitive marker of melanoma, including conventional, spindled, and desmoplastic subtypes. It is expressed by metastatic melanomas and nodal capsular nevus in sentinel lymph nodes, but not by other lymph node components such as dendritic cells, which usually express S100 protein. Commonly used melanoma markers, such as anti-HMB-45 and anti-Melan-A, are poorly expressed in desmoplastic melanomas while SOX-10 is moderately to strongly expressed in desmoplastic melanomas. SOX-10 is considered as a very reliable marker for recognizing residual desmoplastic melanomas. In normal tissues, it is expressed in Schwann cells, melanocytes, and myoepithelial cells of salivary, bronchial and mammary glands. SOX-10 expression is also observed in mast cells, Concentration:200 ?g/ml, Product form:Liquid, Molecular weight:49-58 kDa, Formulation:Supplied in 10mM Phosphate Buffered Saline with 0.05% BSA and 0.05% Sodium Azide, Light chain:kappa, Purification:Protein A/G chromatography, Storage:Shipped at 4?C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20?C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles, Recommended dilutions:WB: 1-2 ?g/ml, IHC-P: 1-2 ?g/ml, Target:SOX10

+25° C.


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