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Cyanine 5 NHS ester

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During the last years, Cyanine 5 (an analog of Cy5®) has become an incredibly popular label in life science research and diagnostics. The fluorophore has its emission maximum in the red region, where many CCD detectors exhibit maximum sensitivity, and biological objects show low background. The dye color is very intense, therefore quantities as small as 1 nmol can be detected in gel electrophoresis by naked eye. This Cyanine 5 NHS ester (analog to Cy5® NHS ester) is a reactive dye for the labeling of amino-groups in peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides. This dye requires a small amount of organic co-solvent (such as DMF or DMSO) to be used in labeling reactions. This reagent is ideal for very cost-efficient labeling of soluble proteins as well as all kinds of peptides and oligonucleotides. This reagent also works well in organic solvents for small molecule labeling. For more sophisticated targets such as easily degradable proteins, when the use of DMF or DMSO is undesirable, consider using water-soluble sulfo-Cyanine 5 NHS ester which does not require any co-solvent, and features very similar fluorescent properties. Cyanine 5 fluorophore is compatible with various instrumentation including many fluorescent microscopes, imagers, scanners, and fluorescence readers. A number of various Cyanine 5 analogs exist – Cyanine 5 NHS ester can replace activated esters of Cy5®, Alexa Fluor 647, and DyLight 649.

Molecular formula:667.54 kDa, Molecular weight:667.54 kDa, Purity:95% (by 1H NMR and HPLC-MS), Storage:Shipped at room temperature. Upon delivery, store in the dark at -20?C. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate, Absorption maxima:646 nm, Extinction coefficient:250000 M-1cm-1, Emission maxima:662 nm, Fl quantum yield:0.2, Cas number:1263093-76-0, CF260:0.03, CF280:0.04, Solubility:Very poorly soluble in water (0.19 mM = 127 mg/L). Good in polar (DMSO, DMF) and chlorinated (DCM, chloroform) organic solvents.

+25° C.


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