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Human DNA-depleted EDTA plasma base matrix (1x 50mL)

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Build your own controls using your high-positive samples to save time. With our non-synthetic DNA-depleted human plasma (DNA-free plasma) as a matrix, you can produce reference materials specific to your time-sensitive needs while retaining the natural components of the sample.
Human plasma : Yes
Certification/Compliance : ISO 13485
Intended Use : Simulate human samples to verify and validate
Certificate of Analysis : Available upon request

Why is non-synthetic DNA-depleted plasma better than buffer as a reference material matrix? Plasma matrix is a better representation of a real patient sample because the natural, interfering proteins are retained. Underestimation of assay Limit Of Detection (LOD) when buffer or synthetic plasma were used as sample matrix. The higher imprecision in both untreated patient plasma and DNA-depleted plasma is associated with higher Limit Of Blank (LOB) and LOD for AF% determination.
Why use ZeptoMetrix non-synthetic DNA-depleted plasma? The removal of background DNA noise from plasma or serum while keeping everything else consistent.

-20° C.


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