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MS2 Bacteriophage

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Each frozen aliquot contains 0.1 or 1 mL of partially purified, live, titered MS2 Bacteriophage (see Table 1). MS2 Bacteriophage is a single stranded RNA virus that infects Escherichia coli. The titer was adjusted to a target titer in plaque forming units/mL (pfu/mL) using a standard plaque-forming unit assay. The MS2 Bacteriophage is supplied in SM buffer and the preparation may contain some E. coli nucleic acids. The copy number of the MS2 Bacteriophage genome will vary from preparation to preparation. This variation results from incomplete bacteriophage coat assembly, incorrectly assembled bacteriophage, and/or free floating nucleic acids.

MS2 Bacteriophage can be used as an internal control in nucleic acid-based amplification assays to monitor reverse-transcription and PCR inhibition. Controls should be run using the same protocols as those used to amplify extracted clinical specimens.

100 uL at 1 x 10^9 PFU – mL / -20? C.
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