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NATtrol MERS-S. cerevisiae

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NATtrol MERS-S. cerevisiae Recombinant (NATCOV(MR)-BIO) is formulated with purified, intact yeast cells that have been chemically modified to render them non-infectious and refrigerator stable. Each vial contains 0.6 mL of NATtrol Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus recombinant sequence in S. cerevisiae; the MERS specific sequence is less than 500 bp and represents a small, non-infectious portion of the virus. NATCOV(MR)-BIO is supplied in a purified protein matrix that mimics the composition of a true clinical specimen.

NATtrol MERS-S. cerevisiae Recombinant is designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the presence of MERS-Coronavirus RNA. NATCOV(MR)-BIO can also be used for validation of clinical assays, development of diagnostic tests and training of laboratory personnel. NATCOV(MR)-BIO contains intact yeast cells and should be run in a manner identical to that used for clinical specimens.

THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD SINGULARLY OR IN CONBINATION WITH PRODUCT NATRPC2-BIO (Product name NATtrol Respiratory Panel 2 (RP2) Controls Plus) or WITH PRODUCT NATRVP2.1-BIO (Product name NATtrol Respiratory Verification Panel 2 Plus).

Platform : BioFire FilmArray ; Test : in conjonction with NATRVP2-BIO / +2° to +8° C.
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