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ViraQ Parvo B19/HAV Check

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ViraQ Controls are composed of inactivated viral standards in an EDTA plasma matrix. The ViraQ Check 125 Controls for HBV, HCV and HIV detection containing 125 copies/mL are suitable for the Procleix Ultrio (Plus and Elite) assay versions (Grifols), but are also instrumental for testing the precision of viral load assays in the immediate range above the quantification limit. The ViraQ Check Multi-Marker controls containing 125 and 75 copies/mL of the viral standards are suitable for the TaqScreen 2.0 and cobas MPX assays (Roche) respectively.

The ViraQ Trend Controls containing 25 copies/mL are designed for monitoring the analytical sensitivity of Ultrio (Plus and Elite) reagent batches and performance of individual Tigris/Panther instruments. An HIV-2 control prepared from an inactivated standard is available for performance evaluation studies. More details about the expected reactivity and positioning of the run controls in relation to the NAT detection (and quantification) limits can be found in the package inserts.

Concentration : 10,000/10 copies/ml, PEO IU/ml / -30° C.
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