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AF488 NHS ester

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AF488 is a bright and photostable dye, equivalent of Alexa Fluor® 488. Due to its high hydrophilicity, this is a dye of choice for the labeling of sensitive proteins and antibodies. The dye is useful for many demanding applications, including microscopy. From the chemical standpoint, AF488 is a sulfonated rhodamine dye, Rhodamine 110 (R110). Like other rhodamines, it is available as 5- and 6-isomers, which have almost identical photophysical properties. The isomers need to be separated though – otherwise, use of mixed isomer dye can lead to doubled peaks during HPLC or electrophoresis separations of the labeled products. This product is an isomerically pure 5-AF488. This NHS ester is an amine reactive dye, meaning it can label amine groups in proteins, peptides, amino-modified oligos, and other target molecules.

Product form:Dark orange solid, Molecular formula:732.74 kDa, Molecular weight:732.74 kDa, Purity:> 80% (by 1H NMR and HPLC-MS). The balance is mostly carboxylic acid, Storage:Shipped at room temperature. Upon delivery, store in the dark at -20?C. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate, Absorption maxima:495 nm, Extinction coefficient:71800 M-1cm-1, Emission maxima:519 nm, Fl quantum yield:0.91, Solubility:Good in water, DMF, and DMSO.

+25° C.


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