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Anti-CD20 Antibody [2H7] (PerCP)

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Mouse monoclonal [2H7] antibody to CD20 (PerCP).

Applications:Flow Cytometry, Host:Mouse, Clonality:Monoclonal, Clone ID:2H7, Isotype:IgG2b, Conjugate:PerCP, Reactivity:Human, Non-Human Primates, Immunogen:Human tonsillar B cells, Specificity:This antibody recognizes an extracellular epitope on CD20, a 33-37 kDa non-glycosylated membrane receptor with four transmembrane domains, expressed on pre-B lymphocytes, resting and activated B cells (not plasma cells), follicular dendritic cells, and at low levels on peripheral blood T lymphocytes, Product form:Liquid, Formulation:Supplied in Phosphate Buffered Saline with 15 mM Sodium Azide, Antigen species:Human, Light chain:kappa, Purification:This antibody is conjugated with PerCP under optimum conditions. The conjugate is purified by size-exclusion chromatography, Storage:Store in the dark at 2-8?C. Do not freeze!, Recommended dilutions:Flow Cytometry: This reagent is designed for analysis of human blood cells using 10 ?l reagent / 100 ?l of whole blood or 106 cells in a suspension, Target:CD20

+25° C.


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