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Anti-CD21 Antibody [CR2/3247] – BSA and Azide free

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Mouse monoclonal [CR2/3247] antibody to CD21.

Applications:ELISA, IHC-P, Host:Mouse, Clonality:Monoclonal, Clone ID:CR2/3247, Isotype:IgG2b, Conjugate:Unconjugated, Reactivity:Human, Immunogen:Recombinant fragment, around amino acids 142-240, of human CD21 protein. The exact sequence is proprietary, Specificity:This antibody recognizes a protein of 140kDa, which is identified as the complement receptor 2 (CR2) or CD21. This protein is expressed strongly on mature B cells, follicular dendritic cells and weakly on immature thymocytes and T lymphocytes. In B-cell ontogeny, CD21 appears after the pre-B-stage, is maintained during peripheral B-cell development and is lost upon terminal differentiation into plasma cells. CD21 expression is also gradually lost after stimulation of B cells in vitro. CD21 functions as receptor for C3d, C3dg and iC3b Complement components, for EBV and for IFNalpha. CD21 binds to CD23 and associates with CD19, CD81 and Leu13 to form a large signal-transduction complex involved in B cell activation, Concentration:1 mg/ml, Product form:Liquid, Molecular weight:140 kDa, Formulation:Supplied in 10mM Phosphate Buffered Saline; without Sodium Azide and carrier free, Light chain:kappa, Purification:Protein A/G chromatography, Storage:Shipped at 4?C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20?C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles, Recommended dilutions:IHC-P: 1-2 ?g/ml, Target:CD21

+25° C.


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