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Anti-Myelin Basic Protein Antibody [7G7]

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Mouse monoclonal (7G7) antibody to Myelin Basic Protein.

Applications:WB, ICC/IF, IHC, Host:Mouse, Clonality:Monoclonal, Clone ID:7G7, Isotype:IgG1, Conjugate:Unconjugated, Reactivity:Human, Horse, Bovine, Porcine, Rat, Mouse, Immunogen:Native Myelin Basic Protein isolated and purified from bovine brain, Specificity:This antibody binds all four of the CNS Myelin Basic Protein isoforms; with the epitope mapped to peptide TPPPSQGKG, amino acids 125-133 of the human 21.5 kDa sequence, with the last four amino acids, SQGKG, likely to be key elements of the epitope. This antibody can be used to identify oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells in neural cell culture, to visualize myelin sheaths and myelinating cells in sectioned material, and to probe western blots for MBP gene products. This antibody is also rather insensitive to aldehyde fixation and therefore can be used in immunohistochemistry of paraffin sections, Concentration:1 mg/ml, Product form:Liquid, Molecular weight:Rodents: 14 kDa, 17 kDa, 18.5 kDa, 21.5 kDa. Human: 17.2 kDa, 18.5 kDa, 20.5 kDa, 21.5 kDa, Formulation:Supplied in Phosphate Buffered Saline with 50% Glycerol and 5mM Sodium Azide, Purification:Immunogen affinity purification, Storage:Shipped at 4?C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20?C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles, Recommended dilutions:WB: 1:10,000-1:20,000, ICC/IF: 1:2,000-1:5,000, IHC: 1:2,000-1:5,000, Target:Myelin Basic Protein

+25° C.


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