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Washable Diaper FILTRAS – size 2

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The Filtras diaper is the washable cloth preferred by moms for its practicality and functionality. The concept of the “All-in-one” makes it immediately ready to use like regular disposable diapers. In fact, being equipped with waterproof outer layer, it does not require of additional coatings. The washable cloth is easy to put on and take off, thanks to its extreme wearability, the easily adjustable Velcro and soft elastic straps around the legs. With one or more bands inside removable pads, which are easy to wash and dry, the washable cloth is the optimal solution for those looking for an “uncomplicated” diaper.

The Filtras Washable Nappy is made of durable yet functional materials, such as natural cotton flannel with strong absorbent properties. This prevents biological liquids from going back, so avoiding the creation of hot-humid conditions harmful to the skin. The silk layer also helps avoiding skin allergies and inflammations, since it is free from scented or coloured substances.

Italian Ministry of Health ref. 931589511 – 5-9 Kgs – chest 42-56 cms / +25° C.
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