Helvetica Health Care has entered into a new agreement to distribute the BioWorld range of products

Helvetica Health Care has entered into a new agreement to distribute the BioWorld range of products

We are pleased to announce that Helvetica Health Care has recently has entered into a new agreement to distribute the BioWorld range of products, including the new Glycomatrix range. This range of molecular tools for Life Science includes a wide portfolio of glycans, lectins and lectin conjugates for the detection of specific glycoproteins & cancer biomarkers in histological applications.

Glycobiology is a rapidly growing field in biology, with important relevance to biotechnology, biomedical and biomolecular research. Sugars have been recognized as being key components in running the complex machinery of human life.

Glycobiology involves the study of the structure, function and the biology of carbohydrates, and incorporates everything related to the bio-synthesis, and biology of carbohydarates, drawing from simple organic chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, enzymology and related areas.

Cells run on Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates control and influence virtually every aspect of the cellular processes ranging from cell-cell interactions, energy intermediates, adhesion mechanisms, growth factor signalling, clotting, and receptor binding. They also serve many structural roles and regulate the activity of hormones in the blood, directing embryonic development.

These sequences of carbohydrates, conjugated to proteins and lipids are often referred to as glycans and they are widely distributed in nature. They are probably the most common, yet structurally diverse class of molecules that exist in nature. Their role is now being reconsidered with a new importance to enable us to fully understand the workings of the many intricate processes of the human body.

One of the numerous functions of glycans is to facilitate intercellular interactions. The adhesive properties of glycoconjugates is referred to as Glycosylation, and it is mainly through the interactions between glycan and protein that cell to cell, and cell to pathogen contacts occur. This highlights the importance of glycobiology.

Glycomics, the study of glycan expression in biological systems, relies on effective enzymatic and analytical techniques for correlation of glycan structure with function. Recent advances in Glycomics has revealed the wide scope and scale of their roles and impact on human disease conditions.

GlycoMatrix lectins are clearly important tools in the molecular and cellular biology areas for studying carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and cancer biomarkers and we are happy to be able to offer you this exciting range of products.